Mu Shuai is sad! Manchester United 21 days 6 battles and 6 battles and 7000 kilometers after playing Chelsea
Time: 2017-02-25 10:58 | Author: Football Emperor | Source: Network

On February 24th, Beijing time, the European Union Cup 1/8 finals were announced. Manchester United\’s opponents were Rostov from Russia. This result was very unfavorable to Manchester United. Essence

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After the lottery is revealed, the schedule is also determined. Manchester United will challenge Rostov on March 9th. Contest.

而这两个地方相聚3435公里! This distance will definitely make Manchester United\’s lack of horses, but this is still the worst.

因为在与罗斯托夫两回合比赛的间隔,来回近7000公里后,曼联还要客场进行与切尔西的足总杯比赛! The journey is far and meets strong enemies. Manchester United is not very good this March this March.

如果再扩大时间轴,我们会发现曼联最近一个月更是遭遇魔鬼赛程! They will play 6 games in 21 days, and they will play a ball in less than 4 days. Among them, there is a tough battle for expedition to Russia.


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