The odds of winning the championship: Guoan Evergrande\’s Difficulty Dimension Port was thrown away and declined
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After the 16th round of the Chinese Super League, the gaming company also issued the latest odds of winning the championship.虽然领头羊国安以2.00的赔率继续领跑,中超夺冠赔率:国安恒大难分伯仲 上港被甩开遭看衰(泰达1 但已经被恒大(2.37)无限接近,上港虽然和国安仅有2分差距,但赔率已经被调整为5.00,在博彩公司看来,上Hong Kong is likely to be the first one of the top three.

Guoan 15th round 0-2 round 0-2 round 0-2 After losing to Luneng, the leading advantages of Evergrande and Shanghai Port shrinkled 2 points, and the odds of winning the championship have changed greatly. However, the 16th round of Guoan defeated Delle 3-0 and re-entered the orbit of victory. The 2.60 adjustment was adjusted to 2.37, and the two teams were already difficult to distinguish.

Guoan has confirmed that the summer window will not adjust the personnel, and Evergrande\’s foreign aid configuration has a headache for Karnavaro. Which 4 foreign aid registered in the summer window will become in Cannavaro The biggest problem in front of it. In addition to Elkson\’s identity, it is definitely registered, Garat, Paulinho and Taliska, according to the Guangdong media reports, can only be registered for 3 2. However, no matter how Evergrande\’s foreign aid is adjusted, compared with the upper half of the strength, this is why Evergrande\’s odds winning the championship are infinitely close to Guoan.

After the Shanghai-Hong Kong Derby took Shenhua 3-1, although the difference with Guoan was maintained at 2 points, the odds of winning the championship were adjusted again to 5.00 from 4.00 to 5.00. Shanghai Port will use Elkson, who has already used it back to Evergrande for naturalization, and introduced the West Ham striker Ainsitovich, but although Ayorotovich is outstanding, his temper is also hot. Adjust variables.

and the rest of the team\’s championship odds are only for reference. Luneng ranked fourth with 201.00, the same ranking as the standings. Suning ranked 6th in the standings ranked 5th with a 751.00 championship odds. Chongqing and Teda were 1001.00 odds. Dalian and R & F won the championships of 1501.00, and the remaining 7 teams won more than 2,000.

Attachment: The 16th round of the Super League winning odds (odds before the match)

1. Beijing Guoan 2.00 (1.70)

2. Guangzhou Evergrande 2.37 (2.60)

3. Shanghai Shanggang 5.00 (4.00)

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